Every year, millions of thyroid biopsies are done to find thyroid cancer which occurs in a very small percentage of population.  This is an invasive procedure which may not be diagnostic 1 out of 7 times. 

AIBx is a clinical decision support tool to diagnose thyroid cancer.

AIBx finds similar thyroid ultrasound images from our database and displays it along with the associated diagnosis. This makes the decision by the algorithm explainable

Physicians can compare these similar images to their test image and reach a clinical decision.

AIBx also generates TI-RADS description and score, making it verifiable

Similar Images

Physician in Loop

Explainable AI

AIBx uses

patented technology

to risk stratify thyroid 

nodules and generate

 actionable reports.

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Microsoft for Startups 

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Only for research purposes. AIBx is not FDA-approved or cleared.